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My love of girdles
Posted On: 11/04/2009 04:49:52

Another sissy shared the joy of squeezing into tight restrictive girdles and long line bras. i too share this love.

As a child i snuck my mother's girdles, then too big, and would sleep soundly. As i grew older, the girdles fight tighter - oh heaven.

Then there was the fateful week when a slender neighbor Lady asked me to care for Her garden while she was out of town.

WOW, i thought to myself, as thin as She is why does she need all these girdles and corsets. Of course, they were far more lacy and frilly than the utilitarian garments in my house. What a week!

I would water Her plants as often as i could. But of course, once i turned on the sprinklers i made a mad dash to Her bedroom to pour myself into Her lovely undergarments.

Sometimes i would wear multiple layers. They fit so tightly against my sissy clit. i would wear Her longline open bottom girdles (OBG) low on my legs so that i could barely walk.

And how could i contain myself; like a bitch in heat i rubbed my tucked under clitty against the sofa armrest until i blasted my joy juice into the crotch of Her pantie girdle.

When the weekend neared i began to panic. Her girdles, corsets, garter belts, stockings and bras were all over the living room. i had multiple problems. i did not know how to wash these delicate items (or anything else for that matter, Mom always did my laundry). i could not remember which pieces came from which drawers. And to top if off, there were cum stains on the armrest i had regularly humped. She was due home on Sunday so Saturday i began my cleanup effort. i started by sorting the frilly garments by type. But the temptation was too great; i needed to feel these wonderful slices of heaven one more time.

i carefully selected the pieces i would wear. Then i gently pulled each item over my eager body. Pantie girdle, OBG with garters, stockings, corselette - i knew all the names from my research in the Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs. Baseballs filled out the top. Once attired i began my ritual on the end of the sofa. Oh, yes, this was good. i was so wrapped up in my ecstasy than i did not hear Her enter the room through the kitchen.

"What the hell!", She shouted, "what are you doing?" i could only do what came naturally- i began to cry. "Stop bawling you sissy. I am going to make you pay for the damage you have caused."

But that is another story.

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